Welcome To Our Site!

I want to personaly thank you for taking the time to visit with us. Please know that you are a very important to us. Usually, people do not just happen to attend a Bible believing Baptist Church such as this. Either someone who cares for you has asked you to come; or, your decision to be in attendance says that perhaps you have discovered some need in your life; for which you would like to find the solution.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask me anything you would like. I promise to show you an answer based only on the words of The Old and unchanged King James Bible; or, an honest “I don’t know, but will do my best to find it in God’s Written Word.”

Again, Welcome! I hope you will use the contact information in this booklet to set up an appointment in the near future. But until then, please come back again for the next service.

Pastor Luchon